Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day Two of Vacation Planning for Next Year

I spent the second day of my summer vacation sorting and cleaning my classroom.  I’m trying to clear out clutter and make room for a loft.  Today I took a critical look at my teaching resources.  Many people have given me books as they’ve retired or moved to different positions.  I’ve sorted and read and decided to set up a table in the hall with items I no longer need.   I’ve come to realize how Pinterest and Google have made many resources unnecessary.  What other teachers don’t want I’ll recycle. 
With the encouragement of a teacher friend I’ve worked toward removing a double bookcase from my room.  I still have many books, and I think tomorrow I’ll remove student books that I don’t love.  Danny and the Dinosaur by Hoff, is up for grabs.  I keep thinking of how excited the new teacher down the hall will be to get a huge bookshelf.  Almost as excited as I’ll be to get rid of it!

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