Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It Shouldn't Be So Difficult

One of my Young 5’s students is struggling.  He came in with very few skills and while he’s grown, it's such a tiny gain he is so far behind the other students.  Rarely a day goes by where he doesn't cry.  I try to strive to build independence, but he doesn't dare try anything without my reassurance or help over his hand. "You help me?" is his frequent request.
 As the half year mark of the year approaches I’m amazed at the growth most of my students have made.  My little friend is not one of them.  He gets every extra program we have in place.  I “play” games on the Smart Board part of playtime to help him learn but he isn’t learning.  He works with a loving volunteer to learn to write his name.  I’ve got him staffed into speech services. He sits next to the kindest students I have.  Yet everything, every game, every project, every transition is difficult.
While I know the process to get him extra help is underway he’s breaking my heart. The holidays and schedules put another month of hardship in front of this little guy.  As last week came to an end he left for the bus in tears, twice.  In both situations I know I did what I needed to do, but I still feel sad he is so overwhelmed.  Even in specials classes he’s in tears. 
Over the weekend I thought of him often, I made another plan of how I was going to try and ease his situation while we wait. Monday morning I stood ready to greet him with a need to make his week a wonderful time.  He was absent.  Now I wonder if I’ve misread the situation Thursday and Friday, was he so emotional because he was getting sick?  Maybe, maybe not.  Today I’m going to greet him at the door with yesterday’s resolve to help him have the day and week he deserves.


  1. Poor guy - he's having such a hard time. I'm hoping he just wasn't feeling well, and he will start to smile soon! Hang in there!

  2. aww, poor thing! He is lucky to have you as a kind and caring teacher! Getting extra help for such needy students can be so difficult, and it's so easy to be discouraged, but just try to focus on all the small victories!