Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

This year my class of 23 Young 5’s includes a cognitively impaired child.  Because she can participate in and learn from much of our day, including songs, movement and table activities I’m pleased to have her with us for most of the day.
As cooler winter arrives in Michigan the cold and flu season has arrived.  This child doesn’t notice her nose needs to be blown and unfortunately when it does she begins to lick her lips and upper lip.  Not only is it huge hygiene problem, it is causing her to get a very chapped mouth. 
After getting her mother’s permission I undertook a regimen to alleviate this condition before the dry school heating system causes her greater discomfort.  I set a timer and each time it goes off I ask her to blow her nose and then I apply lip balm.  After just a few days, her lips are no longer chapped and red.  Because she eats many inappropriate items I store the Chap Stick on my desk.  I lay it along the top row of keys on my keyboard. 
This morning as I sat at my computer without thinking I applied some Chap Stick.  I’m sure my howl could be heard down the hall as I realized my good intentions had just collided with my lips. 


  1. Oh my, a truly Charlie Brown "Argh!" moment.

  2. Oh, I hear that howl! But your heart is surely in the right place. So kind!

  3. Oh my! I agree with newtreemom - your heart is in the right place! Love your title - it drew me in!