Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Well THAT Didn't Work Out the Way I Expected

     Today is the 4th of July.  Most years we have the moms over for a meal and a little baseball.  My mother had made plans with a friend, What's up with that?  And Wayne's mom had been invited out.  Anticipating another day of hot weather I decided,  yesterday to use my oven while I was away shopping all day.  I baked an old fashioned picnic ham and planned to serve it cold with salads.  And watermelon.  Can't have the 4th without watermelon.  I usually don't find myself that organized but this heat forced me into action!
     Somewhere along the day's plans changed.  Since Midge, Wayne's mom doesn't have air conditioning in her farmhouse, and we were worried about the toll the heat may be taking on her 88 year old body we re-invited her to join us. She accepted, and  Wayne's sister and her husband would also join us for a potluck style meal. 
     I actually put down my iced tea and Kindle to tidy the house and proudly realized I didn't have to cook, or even leave the air conditioned house to grill.  My sister in law arrived late afternoon. She arrived with a cake , and a casserole to put in the oven.  350, One hour. 

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