Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In March, while I was working way too many hours, facing down the terror of 42 report cards and conferences, I sliced every day.  But now, with three weeks of summer drifting away, I haven't written a thing.  I don't want my sole accomplishment this summer to be having over 70 boards on my Pintrest.
I realize I make better use of my time with a schedule.  I try to put structure into my summer each year by taking on a responsibility outside of the home.  Each summer I man the kitchen for our church's Vacation Bible School, I prepare snacks for 200 people each day.  The past two years I've tutored a student.  This year I took on teaching an English class for Spanish speaking adults one night a week. I continue to order and read a variety of professional and pleasure books. But now I need to schedule time for me-- I need to get back to writing.


  1. 70 boards - WHOA. It sounds like you are doing so many worthwhile things with your time. Don't beat yourself up. There is still a lot of summer left! :) I have found this week that I have focused on writing, but not much of anything else (with trying prompts from Teachers Write). I need to rebalance. Thank you for reminding me to make a plan.

  2. Lori, schedules are wonderful but give yourself time to explore your whims, too. Puttering is also ok. Sometimes idleness leads to the best ideas. I hope you have a great summer!

  3. 42 report cards!!!! Holy moly. You deserve a rest, whatever way you want to "slice" it ;-)
    Here's hoping you can make writing an essential part of your daily schedule - I have enjoyed your writing.

  4. I think I understand what you mean. When I was busy during school time, all parts of my brain where busy and I wrote. Now on holidays I don't do much and don't write much. I am thankful for Tuesdays and SOL, otherwise I might not write a word.